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pushing against the aching body of his one and
only friend. When the woman came up again
with a stick in her hand, the little fellow looked up
at her with a great humble fear in his eyes, but
he did not move away. With eyes welling with
fear he stuck to his post and pushed away all the
harder^ knowing well that he would soon get a
savage blow In the ribs,

I could not allow the woman to hit him again,
I asked her not to strike him but to watch him
and see if she could find out what he was doing.
The woman walked along and watched him for a
moment, and then she smiled and said, £Anh-h-h!J
—and she patted the little fellow on the head and
went back with the women. I have never for-
gotten that dog who stuck to the side of his
friend until darkness overtook us and drove us to

Our miserable trek had entered its fourth day
when things began to happen ahead of us.

Late in the afternoon of the fourth day two of
our warriors travelling at the head of our flying
war-party, now miles ahead of us, saw two girls on
the trail some distance ahead of them. They ran
back and told the chief, and the three of them bent
low and sped forward to get a better view of
the slowly moving figures. When they had
approached to within two hundred yards of the
girls, they recognized them as the two missing